Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Greetings earthlings

...Another step taken on my road to webmanship. In 1999 I wrote about fifty pages of text for a project called Netizens Eye, a collaboration between a small Swedish company run by some acquaintances of mine in collaboration with a larger American company and with the support of UNESCO. The idea was to put webcams - a new and exciting technology with next to no resolution at that time - on all world heritage sites in the world, have a little bit of info on every site and links to hotels and travel agents to pay for the whole thing. Unfortunately the Americans liked the idea so much they took over the whole thing, scrapped all my text and a few months later the project itself. At least this time I know whatever crap I write will remain in place until I change my mind. :)

Further bulletins as events warrant, this is enough for day one.

Kanske borde förklara att min idé om att blogga på utrikiska kom sig av att jag hade några skottar jag ville imponera på. Det gav jag upp.